the venue for outdoor group programs
normafa park

The grassy area next to the pool is a great spot for summer picnics, warm weather team building, and cozy meetings all year round. Whether it’s sport or recreation, everyone will find something for them among our assortment of outdoor programs. In addition to yoga, enjoy relaxing in the sauna, unwinding in the jacuzzi, or playing the increasingly popular Teqball, Teqpong, Teqis, Qatch or Teqvoly. A walk or hike in Normafa is also at our doorstep.

Sports and
adventure programs
for lasting memories
normafa kikapcsolódás

Our program managers can help create an experiential program that’s designed specifically for your event and the wants and needs of your guests. Whether it’s wine tasting, a culinary program, a workshop, a private concert, a movie night, or a guided tour of Normafa, we can help you bring the event of your dreams to life. With the help of our team of program organizers, animators and trainers, we guarantee lasting and unforgettable experiences.

Outdoor programs

1. Erzsébet Lookout Tower – Budapest’s highest point
2. Harang-völgy – an excursion through grassy meadows
3. Anna-rét – one of the most popular picnic spots in the Buda Hills
4. Farkas-völgy – a quiet spot for those wanting some tranquillity
5. Hármaskút-tető – a gorgeous mountain ridge that leads to the Zugliget chairlift
6. Tündér-hegy – scenic cliffs and an everchanging route

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